Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Foods

Butter Prawn
Pineapple Fried Noodles
BBQ Chix
Mango Fish
More food pictures,taken by our very own AnakBrunei.

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Miena said...

just want to give abit of comment for Blu Eden... Went to the plc last nite coz wanna try out as its being review in the blog. nice view but the waitress need to be more open to customer a.k.a. give out smiles while waiting for customer to choose the dish, be a bit knowledgeableable abt the food serve there and take customer's comment wit open mind and positive thinking. ani inda, baru jua dkomen dikit udah tia tarik muka masam.. mcmana org kan promo tu mun servis mcm atu.. treat all customer fairly jgn pilih bulu krg sendiri rugi..Abt the food, its ok wit the price but its just dat the mee goreng is a bit salty and the tomyam soup atu mangkuk damit tapi bird eye chilinya bertimbun..